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What you can do to support peace in Colombia

  1. Contact your members of Congress urging them to end AERIAL FUMIGATION and U.S. MILITARY AID to Colombia.
  2. Write about Colombia. Send an op-ed or letter to the editor to your local paper discussing the situation in Colombia. Additionally, get your article published in a community bulletin, or in materials from your community center, place of worship, employment or school. Clip your article and send a copy to your members of Congress. Start writing now and encourage others to participate in Colombia Mobilization events. Write as well after you return from a regional event.
  3. Experience first hand the impact of U.S. policy towards Colombia. Join a delegation to Colombia. Witness for Peace and Colombia Support Network as well as several other organizations run delegations several times a year. Check out www.witnessforpeace.org for more information.
  4. Visit your member of Congress in your home district. Meet with congressional aides in your own area and schedule an appointment to meet with your actual senator or representative when they are in the area during the spring recess. Urge them to end aerial fumigation and U.S. military spending in Colombia and support human rights.
  5. Write a letter to the CEO and shareholders of corporations that are influencing U.S. policy towards Colombia.
  6. Host a teach-in. Utilize resources available from the sites listed in our “partner section.”
  7. Host a Colombian or Colombia expert. There are speaking tours across the country which bring Colombians to the U.S. to share their own experiences with U.S. policy. Host one of these speaking events or attend one yourself. Contact the U.S. Office on Colombia at info@usofficeoncolombia.org for further information.
  8. Stay involved and up to date. Join a Colombia e-list. Contact omartinez@lawg.org to subscribe to the Latin American Working Group’s action alerts to keep up to date on important votes on Colombia in Congress. Similarly the U.S. Office on Colombia has an email publication of events in Colombia and the U.S, to subscribe e-mail info@usofficeoncolombia.org.
  9. Share this information with others!