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Support U.S. Office on Colombia

The U.S. Office on Colombia is an independent non-profit organization, not affiliated with any political party. USOC works to educate policy makers, media and the general public about the impact of U.S. policy in Colombia and to promote peace, democracy, international humanitarian law, and human rights in Colombia. To this end, USOC maintains relations with the U.S. administration and Congress, Colombian authorities and EU governments, encouraging each to examine these issues from new perspectives.

The U.S. Office on Colombia receives funding from non-profits in both the United States and Europe, as well as individuals concerned about the situation in Colombia. Without this support, USOC could not fulfill its critical and unique mission.

If you would like to assist the U.S. Office on Colombia, any donations, whether they be $1000 or $25, are greatly appreciated. Please consider giving more if you are able.