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USOC Partners

The U.S. Office on Colombia works closely with its partners in Colombia—developing advocacy strategies that serve to share their voice, proposals and opinions with U.S. policy-makers. Through this collaborative relationship, USOC has successfully shaped elements of U.S. policy to more closely reflect the needs and hopes of Colombian civil society, while strengthening direct relationships between policy-makers and Colombian social and human rights organizations. Below, you will find a list of USOC partner organizations and their contact information.

Colombia Steering Committee

The U.S. Office on Colombia has played a leading role in the establishment of a national US non-profit policy working group on Colombia, the Colombia Steering Committee (CSC). The CSC has now come to be seen as the leading policy group for non-profit organizations in Washington, D.C. on Colombia. The CSC currently has over 30 members from across the nation and has made key contributions to the development of US policy in the region by increasing respect for human rights and international humanitarian law, promoting alternatives to forced aerial fumigation and developing proposals to further the peace process.

The U.S. Office on Colombia presently co-facilitates the Colombia Steering Committee with the Latin America Working Group.

The following organizations participate in the Colombia Steering Committee: